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wholesale mustard oil machine

  • Manufacturers Recommanded Expeller Machine 6YL-120B

    Contact NowManufacturers Recommanded Expeller Machine 6YL-120B1.The expeller machine capacity is 300gk/h,15kw+1.1kw(380v/50hz/3p)
    2.With double vacuum filtering barrels,the final oil can eat directly.
    3.CE approved,can process sunflower,soybean,peanut,sesame,rapeseeds, palm kernal etc.
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  • Mustard ,soybean, Sunflower Oil Machine with 45-50t/d 202A-3

    Contact NowMustard ,soybean, Sunflower Oil Machine with 45-50t/d 202A-31.The mustard oil machine combination of steaming and roasting is also one of the features of this machine.
    2.It can be regulated in accordance with the different requirements of various oil-bearing materials for the temperatures before pressing so as to get high quality oil.
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  • Automatic Oil Expeller with CEntrifugal Filter CY-172B

    Contact NowAutomatic Oil Expeller with CEntrifugal Filter CY-172B1.Choose centrifugal filter, the filtering can control with button, and the phospholipids, waxiness can be threshed once
    2.This automatic oil expeller is with compact structure, oil tray and oil cover are all stainless steel for easy cleaning
    3.can be applied to use in small-medium factory, also can be widely used in supermarket for fresh pressing and fresh oil selling
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  • Temperature Control Coconut Oil Machine Price CY-172A

    Contact NowTemperature Control Coconut Oil Machine Price CY-172A1.The capacity is 70-100 kg/h for raw materials,only one time press can get edible oil 3% higher than normal oil press.
    2.with vacuum filter part ,automatic temperature control part and gearbox ,both hot press and cold press can be used.
    3.Suitbale for press coconut,sunflower,sesame,peanut,soybean etc.
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  • Soybean Sunflower Peanut Oil Making Machine 6YL-100B

    Contact NowSoybean Sunflower Peanut Oil Making Machine 6YL-100B1.The capacity is 200kg/h,7.5kw+1.1kw(380v/50hz/3p)
    2.It is a automatic oil making machine with vacuum filtering equipment, pressing chamber automatically heating and controlling system.
    3.Wth nice shape, highly structured, easy installation, high degree of automation, fast warn-up
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  • All Stainless Steel Mini Oil Expeller Machine Price S-05

    Contact NowAll Stainless Steel Mini Oil Expeller Machine Price S-051.The capacity is 3-6kg/h,made of 304SS food grade stainless steel
    2.The motor is industry motor that it can continue working for more than 5h.
    3.Easy to operate,clean and move.also with English manual
    4.Mini oil expeller machine price is low.
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  • Oil Cake Solvent Extraction Machine

    Contact NowOil Cake Solvent Extraction Machine1.oil cake solvent extraction machine adopt negative pressure evaporation which can ensure excellent oil quality;
    2.Extraction system is highly adaptable, and can adapt to different oil seeds
    3.Unique exhaust gas absorption systems ensure good absorption effect
    4.Full energy saving design utilizes heat energy for many times and save steam consumption
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  • Integrated Olive Oil Extraction Machine with CE 6Y-230-I

    Contact NowIntegrated Olive Oil Extraction Machine with CE 6Y-230-I1.CE approved,the capacity is 50-80kg/h(real cold press)
    2.The olive oil extraction machine can be fed with 1-7kg of material every time and completely squeeze in 4-8min.
    3.Also can be used to extract juice from traditional Chinese medicine herbs and remove oil from chemical products
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  • Speed Regulation Sunflower Oil Extraction CY-300

    Contact NowSpeed Regulation Sunflower Oil Extraction CY-3001.Optimized the inner nuclear structure, adopt multiple ring pressing technology to make the final oil good quality.
    2.High oil output rate and the thickness of the cake can be adjusted automatically by hydraulic, so the final cake residue oil is much lower than traditional sunflower oil extraction
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  • Factory Directly Sale Cooking Oil Making Machine 6YL-68

    Contact NowFactory Directly Sale Cooking Oil Making Machine 6YL-681.The capacity is 30-50kg/h,can choose 5.5kw motor or 8hp diesel engine
    2.This kind of cooking oil making machine of both hot press and cold press can be available.
    3.Can be applied to press vegetable oil from different oil-materials, such as cottonseeds, soybean, rapeseed, peanut, sunflower seeds.
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