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wholesale crude peanut oil alkali refining vessel

  • Cold Oil Press Machine Manufacturers VIC-F3B

    Contact NowCold Oil Press Machine Manufacturers VIC-F3B1.This kind od cold oil press machine is made of 304 stainless steel, pressing shaft is made of special steel, diameter around 40mm, groove width around 25mm.
    2.Choose industrial temperature controller, temperature can be adjusted by different oil seeds.
    3.By daily use wearing the gap between cake output ring can be adjusted to improve oil output rate.
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  • Family Use Peanut Shelling Machine

    Contact NowFamily Use Peanut Shelling Machine1.This peanut sheller is mainly used to shelling peanut, tea seeds, etc, also can separate the kernel and hull completely;
    2.Our peanut sheller have different capacities and functions for choice, also can match with transferring system and vibrating system
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  • Factory Directly Sale Cooking Oil Making Machine 6YL-68

    Contact NowFactory Directly Sale Cooking Oil Making Machine 6YL-681.The capacity is 30-50kg/h,can choose 5.5kw motor or 8hp diesel engine
    2.This kind of cooking oil making machine of both hot press and cold press can be available.
    3.Can be applied to press vegetable oil from different oil-materials, such as cottonseeds, soybean, rapeseed, peanut, sunflower seeds.
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  • Water Cooling Rapeseed Oil Machine Price 6YL-120C

    Contact NowWater Cooling Rapeseed Oil Machine Price 6YL-120C1.The capacity is 7T/D,with 11kw motor(380v/50hz/3p)
    2.This model is our latest study new 4-step squeezing oil press machine
    3.With water coling system to prevent the tempreature in the squeeze chamber going too high,presever the nutrition substances in the oil
    4.This oil machine price is a little than normal oil press.
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  • Cheap Crude Oil Plate Filter 6LB Model

    Contact NowCheap Crude Oil Plate Filter 6LB Model1.Traditional plate type oil filter, which can be used to filter different crude oil, also can filter water;
    2.This plate filter is with easy operation and steady functions during working.
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  • Home Use Cooking Oil Machine 6YL-68B

    Contact NowHome Use Cooking Oil Machine 6YL-68B1.This cooking oil machine capacity is 30-50kg/h,both can hot press and cold press.
    2.Matched with one controlling cabinet box for controlling all working of the machine.
    3.Have the filter system.during pressing, the press can filter the oil in due time.
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  • Groundnut Oil Machine Price with 200kg/h CY-298C

    Contact NowGroundnut Oil Machine Price with 200kg/h CY-298C1.Final oil is very clear, no foam when cooking with pure flavor, its more health for cooking, and also with high automatic, just one person can operation.
    2.Only one time press can get edible oil 3% higher than normal groundnut oil machine.
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