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olive oil extraction machine

  • Hydraulic Oil Press Machine with CE 6Y-200

    Contact NowHydraulic Oil Press Machine with CE 6Y-200This type is not only electric, but also automatic CNC small oil press.The temperature of the press is controlled by the temperature controller.Machine pressure are hydraulic control, the pressure reaches the set pressure, the motor will automatically stop.Read More

  • Sesame Oil Machine with Water Cooling 6YL-120CB

    Contact NowSesame Oil Machine with Water Cooling 6YL-120CBThis sesame oil machine is our latest study new 4-step oil press machine.Matching water coling system to prevent the tempreature in the squeeze chamber going too -----high,presever the nutrition substances in the oil..Especially for flaxseed,sesame,the final oil through the vacuum filter system,very perfect retain flavor.Read More

  • Feedstuff Pellet Machine Manufacturer with CE

    Contact NowFeedstuff Pellet Machine Manufacturer with CE1.This is new type pellet machine with can do feedstuff pellet and sawdust pellet as well;
    2.Match with KAF three-level gear box transmit equipment, lifetime is much more longer than common pellet machine;
    3.Feedstuff pellet machine is with CE certification and different capacities for your choice.
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  • All Stainless Steel Mini Oil Expeller Machine Price S-05

    Contact NowAll Stainless Steel Mini Oil Expeller Machine Price S-05The capacity is 3-6kg/h,made of 304SS food grade stainless steel.The motor is industry motor that it can continue working for more than 5h.Easy to operate,clean and move.also with English manual.Mini oil expeller machine price is low.Read More

  • Automatic Oil Expeller with CEntrifugal Filter CY-172B

    Contact NowAutomatic Oil Expeller with CEntrifugal Filter CY-172BChoose centrifugal filter, the filtering can control with button, and the phospholipids, waxiness can be threshed once.This automatic oil expeller is with compact structure, oil tray and oil cover are all stainless steel for easy cleaning.can be applied to use in small-medium factory, also can be widely used in supermarket for fresh pressing and fresh oil sellingRead More

  • Medium Size Vegetable Oil Refinery Machine with Top Quality

    Contact NowMedium Size Vegetable Oil Refinery Machine with Top QualityContinuous alkali refining shorten the contact time between oil and lye;Whole refinery plant has multiple heat exchange, this can make full use of heat energy;Physical refining sections choose new type continuous de-acidification and deodorization technology.Read More

  • Small Copra Oil 316 Stainless Steel Refinery Plant MR-5

    Contact NowSmall Copra Oil 316 Stainless Steel Refinery Plant MR-51.Small edible oil refinery very suitable for small refinery processing;
    2.Final oil is Grade 2 oil which can be sold in supermarket directly;
    3.Different crude oil can be refined into edible oil.
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  • Rod Type Oil Mill Machine 6YL-110T

    Contact NowRod Type Oil Mill Machine 6YL-110TThis oil mill mmachine capacity is 200-300kg/h, the screw shaft speed is 90-120rpm.It is professional rice bran oil press machine, also can press peanut with hull.Very popular in Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam etc.Read More

  • Big Capacity Soybean Oil Machine 200A-3

    Contact NowBig Capacity Soybean Oil Machine 200A-3The soybean oil machine capacity is 9-12t/d,suitable for the extraction of vegetable oils from such oil-bearing materials as rape seed, peanuts, sesame seed,etc.The whole process from feeding, steaming, roasting up to the discharge of oil and cake goes on automatically and continuously, so it is easy to operate the machine and save labors.Read More

  • Home Use Cooking Oil Machine 6YL-68B

    Contact NowHome Use Cooking Oil Machine 6YL-68BThis cooking oil machine capacity is 30-50kg/h,both can hot press and cold press.Matched with one controlling cabinet box for controlling all working of the machine.Have the filter system.during pressing, the press can filter the oil in due time.Read More