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cooking oil making machine manufacturers China

  • Auto Steam Fry Oil Extraction Machine Price with 55T/D ZY-24A

    Contact NowAuto Steam Fry Oil Extraction Machine Price with 55T/D ZY-24A1.Big capacit for 50-55T/D,the pressing worms can be replaced as required by the user for the purpose of the extraction of oils from some other oil-bearing materials, such as rice bran oil and the like
    2.The combination of steaming and roasting is also one of the features of this machine
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  • Factory Price Olive Oil Press for Sale 6Y-320

    Contact NowFactory Price Olive Oil Press for Sale 6Y-3201.Big capacity for 120-130kg/h,max pressure in working is 60MPA.
    2.With the high quality hydraulic pump,will work very well at least for 8-10years.
    3.Very perfect for pressing olive fruit,coconut,moringa seeds,walnut and other precious materials
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  • Big Capacity Soybean Oil Machine 200A-3

    Contact NowBig Capacity Soybean Oil Machine 200A-31.The soybean oil machine capacity is 9-12t/d,suitable for the extraction of vegetable oils from such oil-bearing materials as rape seed, peanuts, sesame seed, etc.
    2.The whole process from feeding, steaming, roasting up to the discharge of oil and cake goes on automatically and continuously, so it is easy to operate the machine and save labors.
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  • Soybean Sunflower Peanut Oil Making Machine 6YL-100B

    Contact NowSoybean Sunflower Peanut Oil Making Machine 6YL-100B1.The capacity is 200kg/h,7.5kw+1.1kw(380v/50hz/3p)
    2.It is a automatic oil making machine with vacuum filtering equipment, pressing chamber automatically heating and controlling system.
    3.Wth nice shape, highly structured, easy installation, high degree of automation, fast warn-up
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  • Manufacturers Recommand Seed Oil Extractor 6YL-80

    Contact NowManufacturers Recommand Seed Oil Extractor 6YL-801.The capacity is 100kg/h for oil seeds,residue oil in cake is less than 6%.
    2.Easy operation, simple structure, low voice and high output.
    3.Can be applied to press vegetable oil from different oil-materials, such as cottonseeds, soybean, rapeseed, peanut, sunflower seeds.
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  • Multifunctional Oil Press Machine for Home Use VIC-F2

    Contact NowMultifunctional Oil Press Machine for Home Use VIC-F21.Independent working platform,adjust the cake gap screw,can adjust cake gap at any time.
    2.Capacity is 10-20kg/h,matching with wheels,the machine will move very conveniently.
    3.Adopt the industrial temperature controller, automatic temperature control, small temperature difference, the temperature is constant.
    4.This oil press machine for home use,low consumption.
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  • Small Copra Oil 316 Stainless Steel Refinery Plant MR-5

    Contact NowSmall Copra Oil 316 Stainless Steel Refinery Plant MR-51.Small edible oil refinery very suitable for small refinery processing;
    2.Final oil is Grade 2 oil which can be sold in supermarket directly;
    3.Different crude oil can be refined into edible oil.
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  • Speed Regulation Sunflower Oil Extraction CY-300

    Contact NowSpeed Regulation Sunflower Oil Extraction CY-3001.Optimized the inner nuclear structure, adopt multiple ring pressing technology to make the final oil good quality.
    2.High oil output rate and the thickness of the cake can be adjusted automatically by hydraulic, so the final cake residue oil is much lower than traditional sunflower oil extraction
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