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buy discount avocado oil extraction machine

  • Big Capacity Soybean Oil Machine 200A-3

    Contact NowBig Capacity Soybean Oil Machine 200A-31.The capacity is 9-12t/d,suitable for the extraction of vegetable oils from such oil-bearing materials as rape seed, peanuts, sesame seed, etc.
    2.The whole process from feeding, steaming, roasting up to the discharge of oil and cake goes on automatically and continuously, so it is easy to operate the machine and save labors.
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  • Hydraulic Oil Press Machine with CE 6Y-200

    Contact NowHydraulic Oil Press Machine with CE 6Y-2001.This type is not only electric, but also automatic CNC small oil press.
    2.The temperature of the press is controlled by the temperature controller.
    3.Machine pressure are hydraulic control, the pressure reaches the set pressure, the motor will automatically stop.
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  • Auto Coconut ,soybean Oil Mill with Very Low Temeprature 6Y-A

    Contact NowAuto Coconut ,soybean Oil Mill with Very Low Temeprature 6Y-A1.Auto hydraulic oil press macine with highly structured, easy installation, high degree of automation, fast warn-up.
    2.Can process all kins of raw materials,such as sunflower,sesame,sunflower,soybean,coconut,olive fruit etc.
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  • Home Use Cooking Oil Machine 6YL-68B

    Contact NowHome Use Cooking Oil Machine 6YL-68B1.The capacity is 30-50kg/h,both can hot press and cold press.
    2.Matched with one controlling cabinet box for controlling all working of the machine.
    3.Have the filter system.during pressing, the press can filter the oil in due time.
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  • Cold Oil Press Machine Manufacturers VIC-F3B

    Contact NowCold Oil Press Machine Manufacturers VIC-F3B1.This kind od cold oil press machine is made of 304 stainless steel, pressing shaft is made of special steel, diameter around 40mm, groove width around 25mm.
    2.Choose industrial temperature controller, temperature can be adjusted by different oil seeds.
    3.By daily use wearing the gap between cake output ring can be adjusted to improve oil output rate.
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  • High Efficient Nut Oil Press Machine with CE CY-298B

    Contact NowHigh Efficient Nut Oil Press Machine with CE CY-298B1.This machine is with compact structure, oil tray and oil cover are all stainless steel for easy cleaning.
    2.The capacity is 250-300kg/h,can press different materials such as sesame, peanut, rapeseeds, sunflower seeds, soybean, tea seeds et
    3.The automatic working, low noise and environment protection all can meet requirement
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