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Screw Oil Press Machine With A Sealed, Cooling, Noise Reduction
Aug 04, 2017

The new machine after the first run 500 hours after the replacement of oil core, with a special wrench anti-oil filter removed, the new filter installed before the best screw oil, filter seal with both hands back to the oil filter, forced tight. It is recommended to replace the new filter element every 1500-2000 hours. When changing the oil oil, it is better to replace the oil filter at the same time. When the environment is bad, the replacement cycle should be shortened. It is strictly forbidden to use the oil filter, or because the filter blockage is serious, the pressure exceeds the bypass valve to bear the limit, the bypass valve automatically opens, a large number of stolen goods, the particles will be directly into the screw inside the main engine, causing serious consequences. Chrome screw machine Diesel engine oil filter and diesel filter replacement should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of diesel maintenance, replacement and screw machine oil core similar.

Screw-type air compressor screw compression components, the use of the latest CNC grinding machine internal manufacturing, and with online laser technology to ensure that the manufacturing tolerance is extremely accurate. Its reliability and performance to ensure that the operating costs of the compressor has been extremely low during the period of use. Adjust the compressor, all-in-one compressor and desiccant series are new products in the L / LS series compressors.

Screw Oil Press Machine for its high efficiency, high efficiency, maintenance-free, highly reliable and other advantages for all walks of life to provide high-quality compressed air.

Air compressor equipment - Screw Oil Press Machine with high capacity compression components, the rotor cylindrical speed is low and to achieve the best oil, to achieve high efficiency, high reliability. The latest design ensures that the system temperature and compressed air temperature is extremely low. To ensure that all components are the best cooling effect and the maximum service life.

1, Screw Oil Press Machine with: high stability, high efficiency, small vibration, low noise advantages.

2, the yin and yang rotor and the rotor and the chassis is set, so that the gas back to the leakage of less, while no clearance volume, so the high efficiency.

3, the injection of lubricants with sealing, cooling, noise reduction and lubrication

4, compared to the piston machine, the wearing parts less failure rate is lower.

5, screw compression work curve smooth, relative to the piston machine vibration is small, low noise.

6, cooling methods are generally divided into: water and air-cooled.

7, the cooling system: the use of plate-wing structure,Screw Oil Press Machine and high-quality materials to ensure that the cooler pressure, high thermal efficiency, good corrosion resistance.

8, air filter: heavy, multi-stage air inlet filter, dust removal accuracy 1um (98% was filtered), the face is large, relatively long service life.

9, oil / gas separator: a new generation of separators using a new filter material,Screw Oil Press Machine more efficient, air oil content of less than 2ppm.

10, intelligent controller: air compressor running all the operations and related data are displayed in the control panel, do control between your fingers, easy and convenient.