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Screw Oil Press Machine There Are Several Aspects Of The Request
Jul 05, 2017

If we want to use hydraulic seal, then we must be the right choice. Or choose a half-day hydraulic seal is wrong only a waste of time

1 first convicted of the location of the movement of the seal, the Screw Oil Press Machine is reciprocating motion, rotating motion, is still spiral or fixed.

2 to determine the flow point is inside the piston rod seal is still in the outer diameter of the piston seal.

3 Screw Oil Press Machine from the original use of imitation to identify or according to the actual situation to assess the working temperature, which determines the required seal material.

4 from the original use of imitation to identify or by observing the original seal of the hardness and structure of the judge for the maintenance of the use of seals, the manpower from the following aspects. Mechanical working pressure rating.

5 Determine the dimensions of the seal. Most users will use the old samples used to buy. But the seal after a period of use, will be affected by temperature, press and wear and other factors to change the original size, so the size of the sample can only be used as a reference, the best way is to seal the seal The location of the metal trench size, the correctness will be greatly improved.

Hydraulic machine repair Screw Oil Press Machine common fault handling:

1. In the course of the operation of the motor suddenly stopped: Possible reasons: 1. Overheating, protection of hydraulic machine repair machine to jump; 2. Three-phase voltage imbalance; 3. Accessories damaged. Processing methods: 1 by hand press the thermal protector blue button to reset, check the motor is overloaded; 2. Check the three-phase voltage; 3. Replace the accessories.

2. Start the dual-button machine No action: Possible reasons: 1. Optoelectronic eye safety hand without induction; 2. Part of the limit switch Screw Oil Press Machine maintenance input signal without induction; 3. Under pressure time is too short; The Processing methods: 1. Adjust the photoelectric eye safety hand on the ray so that the sensor light green; 2. Adjust the cylinder, cylinder limit switch; 3. Adjust the press time; 4. Replace the accessories.

3. Pressure instability; Possible reasons: 1. Hydraulic machine maintenance machine used a long time the pump pressure regulator valve spool activity is not sensitive; 2. Cylinder or solenoid valve channeling oil, hydraulic oil cooling is not good; 3. Accessories damaged; Hydraulic oil used for too long;

To repair or replace the pressure regulating valve; 2. Repair or replace the solenoid valve and use the cooling water device to cool the hydraulic oil; 3. Replace the cylinder seal; 4. Replace the same hydraulic oil

4. Abnormal sound; Possible reasons: 1. Machine used for a long time part of the fastener loose; 2. Motor bearing sound; 3. Pump sound; 4. Inhalation of oil filter block and oil hydraulic machine maintenance tank oil level is too low ; Repair methods: 1. Use a wrench and other tools to tighten the fasteners; 2. Repair or replace the motor bearings and other accessories; 3. Repair or replace the pump accessories; 4. Wash the oil filter and refueling to the oil standard on the hydraulic machine maintenance limit position

Today, all kinds of machine safety problems is the use of each hydraulic equipment manufacturers must pay attention to matters before the job must have several aspects of the request, many manufacturers recruit Screw Oil Press Machine staff, in addition to familiar with the industrial robot installation, commissioning, maintenance and maintenance And other experience, but also on the quality requirements of the staff. First work seriously responsible, practical, honest and trustworthy, professional experience and character quality are very important.