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Screw Oil Press Machine Serious Inspection And Maintenance
Jul 14, 2017

Screw Oil Press Machine daily inspection and maintenance work is very important, Dongguan Yi Hui is the Screw Oil Press Machine hydraulic press inspection and maintenance work.

Piston rod, guide sleeve inspection and maintenance: the piston rod and guide sleeve relative movement is the main factor causing leakage, if the piston rod surface coating due to wear and tear off or produce longitudinal pull marks, will directly lead to the seal Failure. Therefore, should focus on checking the piston rod surface roughness and behavior tolerance to meet the technical requirements, if the piston rod bending should be straight to meet the requirements or physical mapping, to the professional production plant for manufacturing. If the surface of the piston rod coating wear, scratches, local flaking can be taken to erase the coating, re-plating surface processing technology crawling phenomenon that the hydraulic cylinder movement when there is a jump when the state of movement, this phenomenon is particularly low speed Prone to occur, which is one of the most important failure of the hydraulic cylinder. The reasons for the phenomenon of hydraulic cylinder crawling phenomenon outside the hydraulic cylinder and the cause of the hydraulic cylinder itself.

Seal inspection and maintenance: piston seal is to prevent the main components of the hydraulic cylinder discharge. For the lip seal should focus on checking the lips with or without scars and wear, and the combination of the seal should focus on checking the amount of wear on the sealing surface, and then determine whether the seal can be used,Screw Oil Press Machine in addition to check the piston and piston rod static seal Whether or not the situation. Piston rod seal should focus on checking the wear of seals and support rings. Once the hydraulic seal and the guide ring are found to be defective, replace them with the same structural form and the appropriate seal of the material in accordance with the structure of the hydraulic cylinder seal, which minimizes the difference between the seal and the sealing surface Of the oil film thickness, reducing the amount of leakage of seals.

Cylinder cylinder inspection and maintenance: the cylinder cylinder cylinder inner surface and piston seal is caused by the main thrust of the hydraulic cylinder, if the cylinder within the longitudinal pull marks, even if the replacement of the core piston seal, can not effectively remove the fault,Screw Oil Press Machine Tube inside the table seconds to check the size of the main tolerance and behavior tolerance to meet the technical Tao Qiu, with or without longitudinal pull marks, and measure the depth of longitudinal pull marks in order to take the appropriate solution.

Oil cylinder for their own reasons are as follows: hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder has residual air, the working medium to form an elastomer exclusion method, the full exclusion of air: check the hydraulic pump suction pipe diameter is too small, the suction pipe joint seal is better to prevent the pump inhalation of air, sealing friction The use of h8 / f8 with the sealing ring groove depth and width of the strict dimensional tolerance to make; such as the use of v-ring, adjust the sealing friction force moderate degree, the hydraulic cylinder sliding parts are Severe wear, strain and biting.

The relative friction between the static friction factor and the dynamic friction factor is too large, that is, the friction change is too large to exclude the method of relative movement in the surface of a layer of anti-climbing oil, and to ensure good lubrication conditions guide rail manufacturing and assembly quality is poor, so that friction Increase the force, the force is not good way to exclude: to improve the quality of manufacturing and assembly of oil mixed with air, Screw Oil Press Machine working medium to form the elastic body, which is a hydraulic cylinder movement crawling phenomenon is one of the important reasons.