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Screw Oil Press Machine Play The Role Of Sealing
Jun 23, 2017

Screw Oil Press Machine is a special hydraulic oil as a working medium, through the hydraulic pump as a power source, by the pump force to make hydraulic oil through the hydraulic pipe into the cylinder / piston, and then the cylinder / piston with several groups of matching seals , Different locations of the seals are different, but all play the role of sealing, so that hydraulic oil can not be leaked. Finally, through the one-way valve to make the hydraulic oil in the tank cycle to the cylinder / piston cycle work to complete a certain mechanical action as a force of a mechanical.

1Screw Oil Press Machine start:

1. Check the oil pump, control valve, pressure gauge is normal, oil temperature is within the allowable range;

2. Check the mold with no cracks, fastening screws for loose;

3. Turn on the power switch to start the cooling cycle motor;

4. Start the main pump motor;

5 check the level of the tank level of the oil, the oil, hydraulic pipe is the phenomenon of oil leakage, the connection is loose;

6. Check the pressure gauge pressure deflection, if found to swing back and forth or not, should stop the equipment to check the rated pressure, the use of not exceed the limit;

7. Check and clean other debris on work surface or mold;

8, the work mode switch to adjust the 0 position, the manual operation, check the activities of the upper and lower limit switch is safe and reliable, hydraulic system is abnormal sound, photoelectric eye, the operation button, emergency stop switch, safety protection device is flexible and reliable;

9. After all the normal work, select the work switch according to the required work.

2Screw Oil Press Machine work:

1. Double operation of the Screw Oil Press Machine, should be set up the main operation, the use of double double action button operation, operation to comply with the "double operation equipment management regulations", "double operation equipment management regulations" should be attached to the machine, easy access to access;

2. Work attention should be focused, prohibit the side of the operation, while chatting or smoking; feeding, feeding is prohibited when the hand or other parts of the body into the dangerous area;

3. found abnormal operation of the hydraulic machine should be shut down to identify the reasons, mold cracking should be immediately parking repair;

4. Operation to stand or sit, contact with others work should be shut down in the reception, unrelated personnel not allowed to close to the hydraulic machine or operator;

5. Production of billet and work to be stacked to be safe, neat, not high, the table prohibits the accumulation of blanks or other objects, waste in time to clean up;

Adjust the mold, check and clean the equipment, measuring T pieces should be carried out under the shutdown;

7. Leave the machine to shut down and stop the pump motor;

8. found that the surface of the mold surface to be clean and clean, by the main operator press the emergency stop switch, inform the deputy operator, with a special tool to clean up.