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Screw Oil Press Machine In A Wide Range Of Conditions, Can Still Maintain A High Efficiency
Aug 15, 2017

1, Screw Oil Press Machine structure is simple, less mechanical parts, no like valve, piston ring and other wearing parts, and its main friction parts such as the rotor, bearings, strength and wear resistance are relatively high, and lubrication conditions Good, so less machining, low material consumption, long operating cycle, the use of more reliable, simple maintenance, is conducive to the realization of automation.

2, compared with the speed of the compressor, screw compressor with a mandatory gas transmission characteristics, that is, almost no exhaust gas from the exhaust pressure, in the small displacement does not occur when the surge phenomenon, in the broad work Within the scope of the range, can still maintain a high efficiency.

3, using a slide valve adjustment, can achieve energy stepless adjustment. There is no clearance volume, so the volume efficiency is high.

4, screw compressor is not sensitive to the liquid, you can use fuel injection cooling, so the same pressure ratio, the exhaust temperature is much lower than the piston, so single-stage pressure ratio.

 Screw Oil Press Machine is a working volume for the rotary motion of the volume of gas compression machinery. The compression of the gas is achieved by the change in volume, and the change in volume is achieved by means of a pair of rotors of the compressor being rotated in the housing.

No matter how good the product will be used for a long time some problems, screw compressor is no exception, Screw Oil Press Machine oil blockage is the most we encounter the problem, let us explain the following reasons:

First, the air compressor around the environment with corrosive gases, if these other and the oil chemical reaction occurs there will be carbon deposition and sludge.

Second, the oil on the filter too much moisture to expand the pores of the filter,Screw Oil Press Machine so that the effective separation of oil to reduce the area, resulting in increased oil resistance, oil clogging in advance.

Third, the material is not qualified, the use of oil filter, oil and other itself is not qualified This will of course plug the fault.

We can not wait for all the oil to run over and then replace the oil, if the air compressor oil sludge is not much, can be loaded into half of the new oil,Screw Oil Press Machine running fifteen minutes to 1 hour put the net, and then filled with fresh oil to normal operation. If oil

Muddy carbon too much, can be opened after the air compressor cylinder, the manual elimination of sludge and carbon deposition, and then use a special cleaning agent cleaning, but after cleaning, it is necessary to dry the water, and then participate in cleaning oil cleaning one hundred To two hundred hours later

, Put the net clean oil, and finally add new oil to normal operation. Otherwise it is likely to damage the function of oil additives, but also may lead to security incidents.

Followed by the replacement of deep air compressor oil each time the need to put the residual air compressor old oil. Avoid the addition and filtration and re-use of the measures because the surface of the air compressor oil although the same color, but the cost of additives may

Has exceeded the limit.

    Then it is necessary to pay attention to different air compressor oil grades, different grades of air compressor oil do not mix. In addition,Screw Oil Press Machine oil change should also be replaced when the oil filter, filter filter oil filter, gas separation filter,

Oil bypass filter, check the air filter, temperature control alarm, check valve, filter, etc. is intact.