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Oil Expeller Matched Machines Gradually Increase The Indirect Steam Pressure
Aug 15, 2017

The speed of the press is matched with the diameter of the press, which is generally smaller, and the speed of the screw is 100-200 rpm per minute. The medium and large press is kept at a speed of 30 minutes per minute. -50 turn within the range. We simply say that the low speed of the Oil Expeller Matched Machines, low productivity, squeeze a long time, the oil rate is also higher. Oil Expeller Matched Machines inside a certain number of squeeze, generally 0.2-0.3 mm oil sewn is appropriate, there are 0.7-1 mm of the squeeze, when we choose to squeeze the high oil content of the crop, you can choose a large number of oil, Do not run slag prevail. Otherwise it will reduce the pressure of the press chamber, affecting the oil rate and oil quality.

Before the oil crop is properly squeezed, the Oil Expeller Matched Machines should be allowed to rotate for no more than 3-5 minutes, and then the cake or the raw material is fed evenly. The purpose is to raise the temperature of the blast furnace by friction, and at the same time observe and adjust Cake gap.

What is the phenomenon of high water content when the press is working?

    When the material is high in moisture, the press may feed less or even no feed, or the material rotates with the shaft. It is also possible that the cake is loose and soft, with a lot of water, a cake with oil, Shaft rotation;

    When the moisture content of the material is high, the motor load will drop, the working current will be below 20 amps; it may also reduce the oil consumption, the pale color, the foam, the oil position to the feed end.

    In the event of the above situation, the indirect steam pressure should be increased immediately and the direct steam injection is reduced. Add some slag cake at the feed port until the Oil Expeller Matched Machines returns to normal

  Maintenance of Oil Expeller Matched Machines:

  1, before using the press, you should first prepare all the auxiliary equipment and containers, check and adjust the degree of tension belt. And then start the motor, so that the machine empty running about 15min or so, check the speed of the squeeze screw shaft.

  2, the lubrication parts should prevent the intrusion of dust and other debris,Oil Expeller Matched Machines the annual inspection of the oil quality of the gear box once, if found deterioration, should replace all the oil.

  3, after 50 hours of work should check the lubrication, the gear box above the oil shall not be short of oil, squeeze the shaft to adjust the screw bearing adjustment screw hole filling butter once,Oil Expeller Matched Machines is strictly prohibited dry grinding c.

  4, when the production is reduced, the cake or oil is not normal, the squeeze should be squeezed out of the shaft, check the screw, squeeze, out of the cake mouth wear and tear, wear parts to be replaced.

  5, the end of the production season, long-term storage,Oil Expeller Matched Machines should be a maintenance, and squeeze the screw, squeeze the paper, the cake mouth wash and then re-oil, on the dry place.

  6, after the end of each class work,Oil Expeller Matched Machines should be removed within the machine residual cake, clean the surface of the machine dust, grease.