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Hydraulic Oil Press Good Lubrication Performance; Easy To Seal; Stable Performance
Sep 26, 2017

Hydraulic Oil Press is the use of Pascal's law made by the use of liquid pressure transmission machinery, many types. Of course, the use is also varied depending on the needs.

Hydraulic Oil Press, also known as hydraulic press, is the use of liquid to pass the pressure, the basic principle is the oil pump to the hydraulic oil into the integrated cartridge valve block, through the one-way valve and relief valve to the hydraulic oil distribution to the upper or lower chamber, In the role of high-pressure oil, the cylinder to exercise.

 The liquid in the hydraulic cylinder follows the Pascal's law when the pressure is passed through the closed container. The hydraulic drive system consists of the power mechanism, the control mechanism, the actuator, the auxiliary mechanism and the working medium. Power mechanism is usually used as a power pump, usually for the type of oil pump. In order to meet the requirements of the speed of the implementing agencies, use a pump or a number of pumps. Low pressure (oil pressure less than 2.5MP) with a gear pump; medium pressure (oil pressure less than 6.3MP) with a vane pump, high pressure (oil pressure less than 32.0MP) with a piston pump. Four-column hydraulic press drive system is mainly pump direct drive and pump - accumulator drive two types.

Hydraulic Oil Press (also known as: Hydraulic Oil Press) using Pascal's law made by the use of liquid pressure transmission machinery, many types. Of course, the use is also varied depending on the needs. Such as the type of liquid through the pressure to sub-points, there are two types of hydraulic press and hydraulic press. The total pressure produced by the hydraulic press is large, often used for forging and stamping. Forging hydraulic press is divided into two kinds of forging hydraulic press and free forging press. Mold forging hydraulic press to use mold, and free forging press without mold. China's first production of 10,000 tons of hydraulic press is free forging hydraulic press.


A hydraulic press is a machine that uses liquid as a working medium to deliver energy to achieve a variety of processes. Hydraulic press in addition to forging forming, but also can be used for correction, press fit, packing, briquetting and pressure plate and so on. Hydraulic presses include hydraulic presses and hydraulic presses. Water-based liquid as the working medium known as the hydraulic press, oil as the working medium known as the hydraulic press. The specifications of the hydraulic press are generally expressed in terms of nominal working force (kilograms) or nominal tonnage (tonnes). Forging hydraulic presses are mostly hydraulic press, tonnage higher. In order to reduce the size of equipment, large forging hydraulic press commonly used higher pressure (35 MPa or so), sometimes more than 100 MPa above the high pressure. Other uses of the hydraulic press generally use 6 to 25 MPa working pressure. Hydraulic tonnage is lower than hydraulic press.

The working principle of the hydraulic press. Said the hydraulic gain effect, as with the mechanical gain, the force increases, but the power does not gain, so the movement of the big plunger is the small plunger movement distance S1 / S 2 times.

Working medium

The role of the working medium used in the hydraulic press is not only the delivery of pressure, but also to ensure that the working parts of the machine work sensitive, reliable, long life and less leakage. The basic requirements of the hydraulic press on the working medium are: ① have the appropriate mobility and low compressibility, in order to improve the efficiency of transmission; ② anti-rust; ③ good lubrication performance; ④ easy to seal; ⑤ stable performance, long-term work Without deterioration. The Hydraulic Oil Press was originally used as a working medium, and later used in the water by adding a small amount of emulsified oil from the emulsion to increase the lubrication and reduce corrosion. In the late 19th century there was a Hydraulic Oil Press with mineral oil as the working medium. The oil has good lubricity, corrosion resistance and moderate viscosity, which is beneficial to improve the performance of hydraulic press. The second half of the 20th century, the emergence of a new type of water-based emulsion, the emulsified form is "water", rather than the original "oil." "Oil-in-water" emulsion of the external phase of the oil, its lubrication and corrosion resistance close to the oil, and little oil content, not easy to burn. But the water-based emulsion is more expensive, limiting its promotion.