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Difference Between Hot Press And Cold Press
Jul 06, 2017

      Most of the cooking oil in life are hot press oil, that is to say before pressing oil,the seeds need to be clean,broken, high temperature heating treatment, so that a series of changes within the oil.Destruction of oil cells, promote protein denaturation, reduce fat viscosity and so on.Thus will get  a high oil yield rate.But after the high temperature for processing seeds, the final edible oil with dark color, acid prices, so the oil must be refined before consumption. At the same time high temperature oil to the oil in the bio-active substances (vitamin E, sterols, such as causin, etc.) in the press process lost a lot, resulting in waste of resources

    In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, in the edible oil people are increasingly favored cold oil. Cold pressed oil is in the seeds before the press without heating or low temperature state, then go into the oil press machine to press oil.. Squeeze the oil temperature is low, the acid value is also low, generally do not need to refine, after precipitation and filtration to get refined oil.

   The raw material of the cold pressed oil must be selected, otherwise the cold raw materials due to the different maturity and raw materials contained in the harmful substances (such as: mildew in the aflatoxin and cottonseed gossypol in the impact), will be cold The quality of the oil press has a serious impact. Generally speaking, cold pressed low smoke, water content is not stable, is not conducive to long-term storage. Cold pressing generally need to crush after the oil can go up, and sometimes have the second press, three times press. Hot pressing is generally used for large-scale machine pre-press, that is, the first press oil, but there are some manufacturers to improve the model directly after the oil, do not need other equipment, such as Guangzhou State Research Machinery is used three sections Snail three squeeze composition, basically the embryo once can have a good oil rate.

    So the small home use stainless steel oil press machine is very popular within clients with its small szie,simple operation,high oil yield and no need to heating raw materials,the final oil retainflavor.