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Big Oil Expeller Reduce The Occurrence Of Corrosion And Clogging
Jul 05, 2017

When we use the pipeline to transport the media, if there is liquid water in the media, will accelerate the corrosion of the pipeline; if there is solid impurities in the media, will cause the pipeline, equipment, Impurities in these media will not only reduce the transport efficiency of the pipeline, damage the life of the equipment, serious accidents can occur. The appearance of the separator is a good solution to the problem. The separator can remove the solid and liquid impurities suspended in the medium, reduce the transport load of the pipeline and equipment, reduce the occurrence of corrosion and clogging, and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the pipeline and equipment. Of course, there are some separators specifically designed to separate difficult to separate materials.

The start-up separator is a circular cylinder structure with an upright arrangement with a water-blocking device and a daisyer. The separation principle of the separator is that the steam enters the separator from the four inlet pipes in the circumferential direction. As the four tubes are arranged tangentially, the steam is rotated at high speed in the separator, and the water droplets are thrown to the inner wall of the separator Flow through the bottom of the axial lead pipe leads, saturated steam from the top of the axial lead pipe leads. This type is in addition to the effective separation of soft drinks to prevent the occurrence of separator steam with water phenomenon, but also conducive to through the soft water expansion period.

General start separators are used in supercritical and ultra-supercritical boilers, because the super (super) critical boiler in the course of operation, in the upper part of the water wall inside the work of all become gaseous, so do not need low parameters boiler gas saturation In the process of boiling the boiler, because the process of heating the process is a continuous process, so in the early start, in the water wall outlet out of the soda or water mixture, so you need to have a device, the initial The operation of the production of soda water separation, generally in the run to 30% BMCR, the water wall outlet material on the whole into a gaseous state, then start the separator from the loop in the open (external disconnect, built-in tight closed Related valves). In other words, the main role of the start separator is the beginning of the boiler in the early start of the role of soft drinks.

The structure of the filler type Big Oil Expelleris shown in Fig. In the steel plate welded coil made of packing layer, packing layer up and down with two porous steel plate fixed. The filler can be a ceramic cup, a metal chip or a metal mesh, with the best effect of a wire mesh. When the oil refrigerant vapor into the cylinder to reduce the flow rate, the first through the filler adsorption oil mist, along the umbrella plate expansion direction along the cylinder wall, and then change the flow from the central tube to the top cavity discharge. The separated oil is deposited at the bottom of it, and then discharged through the float valve or manual valve back to the compressor crankcase.

The Big Oil Expellerof this Big Oil Expelleris to rely on reducing the flow rate, filler adsorption and change the direction of the air to achieve, in which the adsorption layer of the main role. Compared with the washing oil separator, the filler Big Oil Expellerhas a higher oil separation efficiency of 95% (80 to 85% of the washing type), the installation position is relatively compact and there is no strict requirement for the installation position and installation height , Can be more than one compressor with an oil separator, so the filler Big Oil Expelleris now widely used in ammonia refrigeration system. But the filler Big Oil Expelleron the air flow resistance, requiring the cylinder refrigerant vapor flow rate of not more than 0.5m / s. In addition, filler-type Big Oil Expellerwire mesh generally use stainless steel wire mesh, the price is more expensive.