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Big Oil Expeller Help To Improve The Separation Effect
Jul 14, 2017

When the oil fine separation filter pressure drop more than 0.08MPa (two pressure gauge display value difference: filter before the pressure, exhaust pressure) should be shut down to replace the oil and gas separation filter. This is because the machine unloading is the post-separation pressure as the sampling pressure. If the unloading pressure of the machine is set to the rated pressure, the actual load of the motor is the rated pressure plus the pressure difference of 0.08MPa, the motor will overload and overload. Oil fine separation filter pressure pre-set value is 100kPa,Big Oil Expeller then the oil fine separation filter pressure difference will not alarm, so to protect the safe operation of the motor once the oil pressure gauge should be timely changes in the oil fine separator filter The

Washing Big Oil Expeller for ammonia system, its main body is made of steel coil welded, both ends of the steel plate with a cylinder cap and cylinder bottom. The inlet tube extends from the center of the cylinder cap into the lower part of the cylinder. The lower end of the inlet pipe is welded to the bottom plate, and the end of the pipe end is opened to prevent the high pressure steam from directly impacting the bottom of the cylinder, so that the precipitated lubricating oil is stirred and floated. The middle of the tube (above the liquid level) is also provided with a balancing hole in the pipe wall. The effect is to balance the pressure between the exhaust line, the Big Oil Expeller and the condenser when the compressor is stopped. Is in the compressor accident, you can prevent the high pressure of the condenser Big Oil Expeller in the ammonia back to the compressor, resulting in greater accidents. In the outer part of the outer tube is also equipped with porous umbrella baffle, for the separation of droplets. The lower side of the cylinder is provided with a drain pipe joint and is connected with the oil collector. The side of the barrel above the umbrella baffle is provided with an outlet pipe fitting and the exhaust pipe is inserted into the barrel with a certain length and the outlet is opened upwardly for the purpose of allowing the ammonia to be discharged before the separator And then bounce once, help to improve the separation effect.

Washing Big Oil Expeller in the work of the main use of mixed gas in the ammonia liquid was washed and cooled to separate the oil, but also the use of reduced air velocity and change the direction of air movement, the natural separation of oil droplets separation. Wherein the washing and cooling effect has the greatest influence on the oil separation efficiency of the washing type Big Oil Expeller, so that the ammonia liquid must be kept at a certain height in the cylinder. The ammonia in the washing Big Oil Expeller is generally supplied by a condenser. In order to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of ammonia in the Big Oil Expeller, its inlet pipe should be 240 to 250 mm lower than the condenser outlet position. Installed in the engine room, close to the condenser place, so that multiple compressors can be used together with an Big Oil Expeller.

The structure of the filler type Big Oil Expeller is shown in Fig. In the steel plate welded coil made of packing layer, packing layer up and down with two porous steel plate fixed. The filler can be a ceramic cup, a metal chip or a metal mesh, with the best effect of a wire mesh. When the oil refrigerant vapor into the cylinder to reduce the flow rate, the first through the filler adsorption oil mist, along the umbrella plate expansion direction along the cylinder wall, and then change the flow from the central tube to the top cavity discharge. The separated oil is deposited at the bottom of it, and then discharged through the float valve or manual valve back to the compressor crankcase.

The Big Oil Expeller of this Big Oil Expeller is to rely on reducing the flow rate, filler adsorption and change the direction of the air to achieve, in which the adsorption layer of the main role. Compared with the washing Big Oil Expeller, the filler Big Oil Expeller has a higher oil separation efficiency of 95% (80 to 85% of the washing type), the installation position is relatively compact and there is no strict requirement for the installation position and installation height , Can be more than one compressor with an Big Oil Expeller, so the filler Big Oil Expeller is now widely used in ammonia refrigeration system. But the filler Big Oil Expeller on the air flow resistance, requiring the cylinder refrigerant vapor flow rate of not more than 0.5m / s. In addition, filler-type Big Oil Expeller wire mesh generally use stainless steel wire mesh, the price is more expensive.

Centrifugal Big Oil Expeller oil separation effect is good, suitable for large-scale refrigeration system, its structure shown in Figure 3. The exhaust of the compressor enters the barrel in the tangential direction through the Big Oil Expeller inlet pipe, and then rotates at a high speed along the helical guide vanes and flows from top to bottom. By the role of centrifugal force will be exhausted in the larger density of oil droplets on the cylinder wall separated, along the wall down, deposited in the bottom of the tube. The vapor is drawn from the perforated plate in the center of the cylinder. The side of the tank is fitted with a float valve. When the oil level rises to the upper limit, the oil is opened through the float valve to automatically discharge the compressor crankcase or oil collector. In addition, a cooling water jacket is provided outside the Big Oil Expeller so that the mixed vapor is cooled by the cooling water therein and further separated by reducing the flow rate and changing the flow direction.

Filtered Big Oil Expellers are used in freon refrigeration systems, often referred to as freon Big Oil Expellers. When the high-pressure refrigerant gas discharged from the compressor enters the separator, the gas flow rate suddenly decreases and changes direction due to the large over-flow cross section, and the filtering action of the layers of metal wire when the intake air is applied is about to be mixed into the gas refrigerant The lubricating oil is separated and dripped under the bottom of the container. When the amount of oil accumulated to a certain height, then through the automatic return valve, back to the compressor crankcase. In normal operation, due to the intermittent operation of the float valve, making the return pipe when the cold heat, back to the oil when the tube is hot, do not return to the oil when the pipe on the cold. If the return pipe has been cold or has been hot, which indicates that the float valve has failed, must be overhauled, maintenance can be used when the manual return valve for oil. This Big Oil Expeller structure is simple, easy to manufacture, the application is common, but the oil effect is less than the filler type.