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1. What kind of raw materials can be used to press edible oil?

Seeds contains oil over 10% all can be used to press oil, such as peanut, soybean, sunflower seeds, rape seeds, tea seeds, flaxseeds, cottonseeds, walnut kernel, copra seeds, olive, mustard seeds, moringa seeds, sachi incha, palm fruit, palm kernel etc.

2. How we choose oil press machine?

For home use: please choose stainless steel family use oil press machine;

For small-medium oil workshop: please choose roaster + oil press + oil filter + oil filling machine, or with small oil refinery plant;

For big oil factory or industry: please choose complete oil processing plant from pressing plant to solvent extraction plant to oil refinery plant to final oil filling machine, technology different depends on raw materials.

3. What is the difference between cold press and hot press?

1) Cold press: Raw materials no need to be pre-roasted

Advantage: final oil with good light color, while frying not easy to arise foam;

Disadvantage: oil is not with very good smell, and oil extraction rate lower;

2) Hot press: Raw materials need to be pre-roasted well

Advantage: final oil is with good smell and flavor, oil extraction rate high

Disadvantage: oil easy to foam while frying

4. How to increase oil output rate?

1) Choose good raw materials first, then choose related oil press machine, such as peanut choose screw oil press machine is perfect choice, while if sesame choose hydraulic oil press is best choice.  

2) Choose good method to press oil, such as peanut, its better to add some water into the peanut while roasting to keep the peanut proper flexible and moisture, roasting till when u hold the peanut, the kernel and skin can separate quickly and kernel can separate into two, then put into press, cake thickness adjust around 0.7mm, and working temperature around 140-160℃.

3) Maintain the oil press machine well,add lubricant oil well in time, choose clean raw materials to reduce machine wearing, and after finish pressing please clean the machine inside in time.

5. How to use the new machine?

The new screw oil press machine first time use very important, be sure to grind the machine well first with proper 70% oil cake and 20-30% coarse sand around 20-30 minutes, the inside parts polish well then can have good fluently oil output.

6. Do we need to filter oil after pressing?

For small-medium processor, the pressed oil can be used as edible oil directly, if have impurities, please leave the oil natural precipitation around 1 week, then the oil will be clear;

If quantities big, please choose plate oil filter or leaf filter to filter the impurities, or you can use edible oil refinery plant to refine oil too.

7. How long need to change the spare parts?

Oil press machine easy weared spare parts including: pressing screw, rods, round rings, cake output ring, cone, usually around 1- 2 years need to change spare parts according to real working condition, we suggest to match with one or two sets extra spare parts along with the machine.